Partner… the easier way to more creative vibe

When we think of ideas and businesses most times, we think of what we can do, how we can start… how we can hoard all the ideas, so people do not steal it.
We forget two head is better than one… one chase a thousand, two ten thousand
Sometimes, we cannot do everything ourselves, For instance, you may have an idea. but it will require you learning how to make the thing but you have zero interest in learning it.
I have different designs for children clothe in my notebook. but I will rather not learn how to sew, I get bored with details but the creative part of it keep my mental juice flowing.
So I met up with a friend who is good with details and loves sewing. Presently, we are working on a children clothing line. partnering together because we both recognized our strength and how to get the best out of it.
Who knows omo alata? She is a lady who is selling ofada mix and tomatoes and pepper mix among other things, well packaged. All you have to do is to put it in the pot; she has even prepared the oil to the consistency required for ofada rice. You do not have to bother about blending, she uses fresh vegetables without preservatives. she has sorted, washed, blended and parboiled the tomatoes, pepper and onions. she even takes orders outside Nigeria
There is sense in every idea, it is crazy until you do it. maybe you have been told your idea is silly and no one will be interested. You will never know unless you try. Like I said in my previous post… find a need in your environment.
Anyways, she partnered with Nic’s butchery’s who sells washed and cut (shredded, mini and maxi) meat (kpomo, liver, kidney, shaki, e.t.c), and fish, chicken… All you need to do is to pour into your pot.
Both ladies figured, if you buy tomatoes and pepper mix; then you will need meat to cook the food. They combined ideas and automatically combined customers. Thereby bringing in more sales.
Those ideas you have may not be fully actualized by you, get someone who can be on the same page with you. Then reach/sign an agreement if you have to and start. Stop hiding under excuses to keep your ideas inside a notebook or your mind.
What do you have to partner with?
Can you partner with someone?
What is that idea you think is too silly or crazy to start?
What’s your fear in partnering?

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