My Pain and Environment are Pointers

I started asking questions, I got the idea for my blog Memoirs of a young wife and mother ( there, I poured things, as I learnt I wrote, from there the idea for my children storybook came. The original youthful dreams and plans did not change but it evolved.

I met and interviewed each person, it was like I was receiving the gift of me back piece by piece. I saw Ufedo again, the one who had laid forgotten while I was being realistic. The dream came back, those innocent, naïve dreams of before, they were not totally useless because I could now see them with the eyes of experience and then remould.

The people I interviewed were people who had gone through the phase I was in and had come out of it, they have made something great out of it. I believed again.

When I came back, even in the office, they kept telling me I looked different. Ideas were bursting, reality was calling.

I started my Children center, a dream I had always had in my house, held a Writers Meet. Nothing changed or became different but the change was within. I woke up…

One of the things I heard from one of the people I interviewed was what is that thing in your environment you wish you can have, see to buy, or experience but is not available? Just like you, there are others who have a need for that same thing. That is a clue to ideas on what to do.

I read about DapMod shades recently, a Nigerian lawyer who loves sunglasses, but saw that sunglasses we use here were not made in Nigeria and was also expensive, he did his research and started making lovely and affordable sunglasses, go to their website, you get durable, beautiful and affordable sunglasses.

Another lady whom I interviewed, August secrets started her baby food business (which just won an award from an international organization in Nutrition) from her kitchen and sharing the recipes to church members. She saw other mothers had issues with their children being picky too, so she turned it into business

I heard life is always talking to you… that pain or issue in your life (either past or present) is a clue to what you should do… James Allen said. “Circumstances do not make a man. They reveal him to himself.”

A post I read recently said, “Whatever you find wrong or painful about your life or this world and no one seems to be bothered about. That may be what you are destined to correct.” If you fail to learn from your circumstances, life is such a patient teacher that it will repeat the lesson.

While you are looking within you for what was…

Look around your immediate environment to what is…

A mother who was worried about her child eating well, noticed other women had the same worry too

A busty woman (Shopsablier owned by Toolz Oniru- Demuren) hardly saw choices for lingerie in her size so she started making her own lingerie in different designs and styles for plus size women

What is your pain?

What is the situation?

What have you noticed in your environment?


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