This poem is a summary of life as a married woman before and after babies… who can relate?


Fresh from the altar

Swinging from the chandelier in my pantyhose and corset

Wrapped around the bed pole like a sexy nymph

I taunted my beloved with pleasures of the flesh


Fresh from the hospital

Swinging a newborn

The silk gave way to cotton panties

The big mummy ones

I am now a mummy,

Solving the myth of the mummy ones

They are so comfy you know


I aired out the silky ones

Trying to act all raunchy for my beloved

Hoping the baby slept peacefully

On one of the frisky moves

I looked up to a toothless grin from an eight months old on daddy’s back

Oh the mortification!

Frisky and raunchy got packed away


Today is frisky day

But the munchkins all trooped in to stay

Daddy and mummy’s room we will stay

We trooped them out

They trooped back in

We settled for a cuddle and a peck.


Frisky came out to play

Into the bathroom we went

Frisky and raunchy did play alright

But I think they are getting too old for the chandelier quarters

Since my back and his knees are telling the story.

Let’s just stick with the comfy mummy ones


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