Driving back home from work I saw a crowd gathered recording and taking pictures of a scene with their phones, as I drove closer, I saw it was a man praying for an insane man; from the look of the mad man he had spent years in that bondage, I was in traffic so I couldn’t stop but I heard someone say sarcastically as I drove away: “he doesn’t want to give up, allow this madman go in peace.”

I thought to myself, “Why is this man embarrassing himself, what if that madman doesn’t get delivered?”
what makes you different from any other person? The name Jesus you profess, is it for only your family, how does it show or manifest its power, should there be anything like a powerless Christian, fearful Christian (whenever I see a mad person or someone whose appearance looks questionable, I cross over to the other side of the road)…these were the thoughts that immediately flooded my mind and at that moment I felt small and ashamed of myself.

It doesn’t matter if the man was a fake because there has to be an original before a fake will exist! How am I (the supposed ‘original’) presenting and manifesting the name of Jesus and his power in me?

I was being a hypocrite and a powerless Christian. it’s not all about professing the name, what is the evidence/difference between myself and the next person?

The next day at work, I was told the mad man got better and people brought about seven more that were prayed for and got better before the man left.

How are we being originals? Are we clueless of what we have available in us and for us?



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