Oranges and Guavas

My mother is a very outspoken and industrious woman, she can market anything and sell it too. Little wonder she wants her children to be the same.

Being the first, I derailed that dream.

I preferred staying indoors,reading my novels to making friends, except you are family or close friends I hardly know what to say to you and she could not understand why.

When my sister came, she mended my mother’s broken heart (LOL), she was everything and more; in fact, give her your waste┬áto trash and she will sell it back to you at a very good price! She’s good like that.

My mum will always be like: “if it were your sister, she will know what to do! That’s why I like your sister and I didn’t like that one bit.

I tried and always looked for ways to be like that but nah…not meant to be.

I have three children with different personalities now and I begin to realize what my mother was dealing with.

I caught myself telling my sensitive first daughter: ” why are you crying? Look at your younger sister, she doesn’t cry the way you do.” It was like deja vu.

Now, I know my mother loves all her children, she just wanted the best for me and I don’t mind that my sister is different now, it is what it is.

Does that mean I should continue the trend, so my children can discover later I meant well, what if they don’t? How do you patiently motivate your children working with their different traits without lumping them all together and snuffing out their individuality?


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