Night Feeding

I envy those whose children sleep through the night… Oh! What a luxury. Though am grateful my children do not cry at night, they wake up, feed and go back to sleep.

For my first child, as per JJC, i was advised to give her beverages or porridge whenever she woke, since I was stopping night breastfeeding. I kept all the ‘equipment’ beside the bed alongside feeding bottle, so I just wake up and mix(this could happen like three times before morning). It was another war, stopping this because she got use to it, also I couldn’t stop diaper since she was constantly taking liquid.

With her I discovered feeding bottle was not a wise option

The second child, I sought another alternative and I was advised to start pap or whatever I wanted to give her for like three days and wean her off it with water, I tried but I kept hearing she will be hungry, you are starving her, I had to crumble under pressure but no feeding bottle, then I tried giving her things that didn’t require milk or mixing and being kept warm like yogurt (farm fresh is gooood),zobo, kunu e.t.c.

The third child, my confidence level had skyrocketed, I did research and saw that babies from six months can sleep through the night without feeding, his own is even more interesting because he weaned himself off breast milk after exclusive, so I tried oat or porridge for a while, now we’ve switched to water and after a little protest he goes back to sleep and the protest has now stopped! So water it is! No more night feeding! Yay!!!

What is your night routine?

How did you handle night-feeding?


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