New Book Alert!!!

Pre order is up for my new book coming out on the 14th of October titled:


               Where are you?

(A woman’s guide to finding self) 

Have you always wondered if there was more…?
Do you find yourself being unsatisfied with everything?
Do you find yourself getting angry or depressed at people especially family without knowing why?
Have you ever wondered why you are on earth and what you were meant for?
Do you ever feel something is missing but you do not know what?
Do you know the season you are in now?
If you have ever asked yourself any of these questions…
Then you will definitely love to have this!
Plan your 2019 with a bang by laying a strong foundation from 2018!!!
Pre order price 1,000 Naira 

from today till the 13th of October, 2018
Pay to:

Unwuchola Ufedo

Guaranty Trust Bank

Spread the word!!!!

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