My retreat and life’s curve

Late last year I said I going on a personal retreat, that was the plan, right?

I deleted my social media apps as I said I was going to, then my house help lost someone again and had to travel for the burial(second trip in a month for someone’s burial)  and Le hub was still not back.

Now I am left with my three babies and no help or support of any kind. Fortunately for me, they were on break and I was on leave from work, so we wangled our way through.

Two weeks later le hubs returned and I broke down🤒. At the hospital, the doctor suggested drip and intravenous injection for three days. That wasn’t okay for me and I moved to object but I remembered I will be alone while receiving the drip and I thought:🤯

“Don’t you think this will be a great time for the retreat you have been planning?”

That’s how I finally had my way and had my personal retreat on a hospital bed with a drip fixed on one hand. All road leads to the market right😜?

If you have read my book ‘where are you?’  You will see life is in seasons and you have to look for ways to make the best of every situation and that was what I did…

Long story short I got my retreat and did my 2019 review and 2020 goals.

How did your year-end?

How did you start in 2020?

Do you have any story of turning your lemons to lemonade? Can you share?


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  • You know, Ufedo, when I read the line, “All road leads to the market” I thought to myself that this was the quintessential example of turning lemons into lemonade with lots of sugar in it. I am glad you had your retreat and will definitely be checking your page more often. Well done!

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