My online classes for the wholesome family

Those who know me either offline or online, are aware of my three passions: God, helping women find themselves and helping children utilize their imagination effectively.

About three years ago, even with a loving husband, three lovely children, and a job, I was dissatisfied. This made me angry at myself, shouting unnecessarily at the children and pissed at my husband for no reason, I didn’t know why I was like that and I did not know how to stop…

This led me on a journey to finding myself and restoring my home to a peaceful place for my husband and a safe place for my children.

Being a wife and mother is great but it’s so easy to forget who you are and what you want in the middle of dirty laundry, wiping tears and sexy lingerie… taking care of everybody but yourself, where is the time?

I am opening this opportunity for the women especially wives and mothers who want to know the seasons of their life

The women who feel there should be more to life and feel dissatisfied with their situation

those who are waiting for something, but don’t know what they are waiting for or how to start…

Women who need brain reset that will boot them out of fear, doubt, the crisis of belief and self-pity…tired of saying, why me lord?

The ones who are like I was years ago, and want to know what to do…


Those not in any of these categories, but want to know the pitfalls to avoid.

I can go on and on… but if you are a wife(or wife to be) and a mother, who wants a peaceful and fruitful home, then this class is for you.

let’s clean up the family and end all these crazy/scary stories.

Check flier for details and don’t forget to refer to those who needs it…

Your referral can be the difference in someone’s story

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