The word stay at home is among the best word a person wants to hear on earth, my first was, ‘yay fun!’

I started my stay home procedure on 24th March 2020.

But let’s leave chilling and look at this thing called coronavirus, with so many gullible information and comedy jokes we were not truly ready. I am scared I am a Yoruba boy and I hope all this blows away soon.

First, it was a great time for a bachelor, I had all the time in the world could wake up anytime, sleep anytime, eat when I like, video games all day. By Friday of the same week, I was bored with the same routine. Had to add some exercise routine to my schedule. By Saturday I had plans of play sport then I remembered everyone would be staying indoors, Saturday seemed like 2 days in one, I had no motivation to work or be creative, slept half the day no jokes.
Sunday came and I was excited cause I assumed there would be no church service, bam my dad came around saying we are having service online, I should be of assistance in setting up connection so they could hook up to the service online, I did my geek. My idea was just one service and that’s all, I should return to bed as soon as possible. I was fooling myself, we got dressed like we always do every other Sundays heading to church for a service. We had both services online my parent also collected offering in the service. Really Dad🙄

Monday was already public knowledge that we all have to stay home for two (2) weeks. Due to the weekend boredom, I started a very silly challenge which I called the garri challenge😭😭 for 14 days, this challenge shows me drinking garri every day in a time-lapse recording. Its been exciting to see people’s reactions🤠.

Through the isolation period, I had the time to download and test lots of video conference app cause our most popular app which is WhatsApp allows only four participants in a video call conference, such app downloaded are ZOOM, HANGOUT MEET AND MICROSOFT TEAMS and HOUSE PARTY. I also downloaded new games.

House party seemed popular but I never liked the app flow and video call logic, anyone could just jump in at any time without permission, like its impossible in real house parties without been invited, what am I saying sef is it my house🙄. I deleted the app are after few hours of testing the app.

In just 3 days I had burned through almost 10 GB of data, I had all the time to edit video and complete a few sample website. But sleep was more motivating, hunger and eating more interesting, I lost my exercise mentality.

It just 3 days it seems like a week already and I still fear we might have to stay more than just the two weeks. Honestly for a bachelor is a bit cool cause I don’t have any kids at the moment. But procrastination is kicking in hourly. Hoping to return to my normal life soon. And I pray for a vaccine or drug to be found soon.

I think it is cooler as a bachelor or do married men find it more interesting? 🤔


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