My Five Senses and I…

I saw this on nwanyiakamu_global’s  page. If you are grinding and working at something or praying and expecting but it seems there is no way, hope or results… Take this from someone who has been there, done that and has the badge for it… She said… “Listen God hasn’t promised you there won’t be obstacles, he just promised you a way out… Stop whining at your challenges, face it and deal with it. Tomorrow we go back and finish it up. Ijeoma why are you confident? My God dropped this product(idea) in my mind. He never tells you to do something that’s not already finished in the spirit…selah”
Did you see that? before God tells you to do something, it’s already settled in the spirit. Which means that thing you are worrying about is already completed… It doesn’t matter what your eyes, ears, nose, tongue and body experiences.
Is it the day a woman is delivered of a child that the baby is formed?
Does the fact that you didn’t see, hear, smell,taste or feel the egg being fertilised mean there is no baby?
Why do you now want to conclude base on your senses?
It will not make sense but it makes spirit.

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