My Dreams and God’s will

When I met my husband, he was the opposite of all I dreamed of in a man: the only thing he had going for him then was that he is tall.

I dreamed of big and brawny but he was slim and lanky, I always wanted a language different from mine, so my children will be polyglot but he came not only from my state but my hometown, I wanted a different church but he attended my family church e.t.c. All these as far as I was concerned disqualified him.
But before I totally disqualified him, I went to ask God what He wanted, he ended being God’s plan for me. I was wise enough (Thank God) not to stick to my plan but threw it away and stuck with what God wanted.

Then I learnt, it’s good to plan,have your dreams, know what you want and stick to it but then again it’s better to be flexible and not remain rigid,unbending and unyielding

I still want things my way, all planned out sometimes but then I remember how I got married and also I remember that I can see only today, then I consciously try to relax and allow God take me where he wills rather than fighting it.

You remember that slim and lanky? I am sure it won’t turn to fat later,

The language? It doesn’t matter anymore, besides my children can learn other languages later if they want to.

As for Church… God reminded me He’s everywhere and I have found another family there.

All those my ideals? They don’t matter any more because what I have now is far better than my supposed dream man.

So, is it worth it, stubbornly holding on to your plans,decisions, one-sided view? at the detriment of your future, happiness, God’s plan and even the life God attached to you in one way or the other?

Is it? Really?

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