Multi passion…multi talented

Have you ever heard people telling you, “you don’t know what you want.” Maybe because you have multiple ideas or things you want to do?
I am realising as I grow there are parts of me which I discover but never knew I had. I have a book filled with fashion Illustrations for children and women clothes. These drawings are besides the other ideas I keep having and noting down. I tried sharing and I hear things like, stay with one thing… Today you say writing, you have not finished that yet, now all these things. Only you!
I kept asking myself, will God give me these ideas just to taunt me? Like how you make a hungry man perceive a food he/she will not eat. That doesn’t sound like Him, does it?
This particular story gave me the assurance that there is nothing wrong with me. There is something like multi passion and multi talented… 
Most times, walking/working in a particular part of your gifting will open doors for others.
Do you have different ideas but no idea how to work them out or what to do with them?
Allow Mrs Temitope Olagbegi give you clarity with her story and journey… Your ideas are valid.
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Unwuchola Ufedo

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