Motherhood, Marriage… Part of the Picture

At what point did motherhood and marriage become slavery? Who told you doing everything yourself aka martyring for your home is a quality of a good wife and mother?

Most times you hear things like, “our mothers did it during our time.” We are quick to forget that some of these homes had cousins, uncles, aunties e.t.c who our parents trained that did most of the house chores.

Recently a friend was complaining her younger sister looked older than her. The sister has five children, her husband has refused her getting a house help while she feels its “somehow” for the husband to assist with the children or for her to ask for extra finances. So she looks haggard, tired and unkept in spite of the husband’s wealth.

A man that doesn’t want a help is not wrong if that is what he wants BUT he should be ready to share some of the workloads and give the wife ‘time out’ once in a while.

If you don’t want a house help, it’s great, if you want/have one it’s great also. It is not a prerequisite but what is important is, take care of yourself, pace yourself, have a time out, ask for and accept help, enable your children to be self sufficient at appropriate ages, stop looking like your husband’s mother (the road to a man’s heart is not only 3square meal).

We are the engine room of the home… Be well oiled, serviced and stop running on empty tank and fumes. One person has already died for the world, we don’t need another Jesus.

You believe your husband and children cannot do things properly, so you decide to do everything yourself to save time… Continue Mrs. Don😏 didn’t it take you years of practice to be this good?

Being a wife and mother is part of the picture and not the whole picture…

There is no prize for the most sacrificial wife or mother… You matter too.

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