Is Moses In The Basket Or Hiding In The Room?

I was listening to a song about Moses and how his mother put him in the basket on the Nile.


The next thought that came to me was: if she had considered what could happen to the baby. How will God save him? What if water enters the basket? Crocodiles? An Egyptian or one of the soldiers found him? Even though I know the story and how it ended.


I tried putting myself and any of my children in that position. And I became scared, I wouldn’t have done it. Because of these thoughts, and I would have lost Moses because he would have been found where I was hiding him.


God takes risk with us all the time. Handing over things, people and assignments to us. Believing we can do it but plenty what ifs hold us back and deprive us of the beauty of his plan for us.


Moses mother trusted God and ignored common sense. There was no option to consider. What looked available was either kill him by yourself. Hand him over or keep hiding him till you get caught.

But instead of being realistic she gave herself another choice. She figured, “God gave me the child in the first place, I hand him over to Him. He’s better off in his hands than with the Egyptians.”

It didn’t sound wise but you know that thing about God using the foolish things of the world to confound the wise…?


Looking at my life, I see countless times I held on to my Moses till I lost him.


When I was younger, there was this thing we did. When someone wants to collect something from you and you were not a match for the person. You ran to an elder or someone more powerful and hand it over for safe keeping. Then you smile smugly knowing it was safe. While the other person looks on in impotent anger and frustration.

I realized that is what I should be doing. When I am in a situation that looks like I am between the devil and the deep blue sea. I am to give it to the most powerful, I shouldn’t bother myself with the how and what ifs. Even if it doesn’t look like it, there is always a different option.


Take a chance and step out in Faith… Career, spouse, children, Money, business, whatever it may be. Put your Moses in the basket (God’s hand) and into the water. He may send a princess, He may not. But whichever way He chooses to work, it’s up to Him but we will never know until the baby is on the Nile.


Frankly, I am tired of the status quo… There has to be more than this… Isn’t it better to step out come what may than choking on the plenty what ifs we have been stuffing ourselves with?


What is your Moses?


Are you hiding him or is he in the basket?


2 Responses to “Is Moses In The Basket Or Hiding In The Room?

  • Apt 👌. It reminds me of a quote I read somewhere that says: You have to be odd to be number one. God indeed uses the “foolish” things to confound the wise.
    Thanks for these wise words Ufedo. God bless you

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