I see and hear mothers asking for food or things to give their children that will make them fat. When my sister had her baby, they tried everything to make her add weight; no matter what she ate, she never added rather she got stronger and very fresh. I do not really blame those who want their children chubby because that’s the accepted norm for healthiness as seen by most.

My children are usually chubby while being exclusively breastfed but during the transition between breast milk only to food with milk, they drop (as in drastically), two of them added over time while one didn’t add at all, she never regained that chubby body again, now she only adds in her cheeks and she eats well.

During that transition period…literally everyone keeps exclaiming: “what is wrong, is he/she sick? You are not feeding this child properly.” Someone even suggested I give my daughter tonic or blood supplements to make her eat and add more.

All these things always made me feel inadequate, maybe there’s something else I need to do/try or am not trying enough, maybe they are sick or something is wrong with their development…these and different negative thoughts ran through my head. My husband always tried to encourage me: “stop disturbing yourself, you and I know you are trying your best and they are feeding well,” this calmed me for a while especially when I look at him and see that he’s slim and has always been that way. It is usually a roller coaster period. Then the doctor said the weight was okay for her age and some people burn fat faster than others.

I have learnt being chubby is good and okay if it’s not overweight, chubbiness also does not determine whether a child is healthy or not.

You are worried about your child’s size? Check it out with a professional and if everything is fine health wise…TRY not to bother your pretty little head over it…believe me the fat will come (for those who have the metabolism) and if it doesn’t, enjoy your slim baby after all variety is the spice of life.

What variety is your baby or the baby you know…?

What misconception has left you worried as a parent?


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