Mine…or not?

I wanted going to the office briefly, but didn’t want the hassle of driving, so decided to board a tricycle instead.

I knew how much it costs to take a tricycle from the house to my destination, so I knew what I was waiting for. Within two to three minutes of standing there, about six to seven tricycles passed, some were full, those that were not full I flagged down and told them my destination with how much I was willing to pay to make sure we were on the same page. They were calling a price above the appropriate fare, I haggled, they refused and I stepped back to allow them go their merry way while I waited for the driver that was ready to carry me at my price.

After some minutes, it looked like I wasn’t going to get a tricycle for my asking price, just as I was about getting set to settle, I decided to haggle one more time before giving in. Another passed, I flagged it down and he agreed for my asking price.

The Holy Spirit brought some things to my attention through this incident:

*I knew how it costs to my destination, if I didn’t any price called can be allowed

*I didn’t try to flag down filled up tricycles neither did I force myself on them

*I didn’t have to beg the drivers that refused my asking price, I allowed them leave because we wanted different things

*I told the drivers what I was willing to give and what I expected to avoid confusion and assumption.

*Even when I didn’t see any tricycle coming, I was sure it will come so I waited

*Had I being in a hurry I would have been cheated or maybe managed a full one by sharing someone’s seat (ring a bell? Sharing someone’s wife, husband, fiancé, money, ideas, property e.t.c and settling for something less than God’s best).

In all everybody has room for their own husband/wife, money, career, children, businesses e.t.c and their own time for it too. I just have to know what I want and what it will cost me to get it; do I want to settle, manage or “make” people be on the same page with me? Should I be discouraged because it’s not happening how or when I want it? that point am about giving in might just be the edge of my breakthrough.

Through this I understood; tell people what you stand for, what you believe in and don’t assume they should know to avoid trouble and hurt later because some are not going towards your destination while some are not willing to accept your terms.

Most importantly, wait, for your tricycle will come.

How have you been waiting? Are you giving up?

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