The Million Question and Fruit…

Who am I?

A quivering bundle of flesh?

A biomass?

A house for babies?

A cocoon for my husband?

A homemaker and caregiver?

But animals also do all these…


Why am I here?

Wake up in the morning

Wipe butts and noses

Cook delicacies and purees

Wash and fold laundry


Where am I going?

When the butts and noses have gone out of my reach

No one to taste the delicacies

When all the laundry to fold is mine

Am I created to only be a mother?


What do I do

With the time allotted to me

What role am I created to play

What space am I to fill

What am I doing with life

Beyond husband, children and family?


Will I go back?

Back with my life seeds

All dried up like a prune

Will I go back proudly saying…

I was fruitful and I multiplied

Not only in the fruitfulness of my body

Fruits from my hands

With the seeds from my brain

The seeds in my legs

What pray tell will my story be?

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