Memoirs in Poetry(househelp)

I cannot have a househelp

That is akin to laziness

what chores can I not do?

Why should someone else cook my soup?

Why should someone else wash my clothes?

These were the rantings of a green horn new wife


I cannot have a househelp

Maybe someone who comes and goes

live in help is akin to laziness

Someone else can cut my onion while I cook

Someone can wash my clothe sometimes

But I can take care of my baby myself

Baby will be in daycare sometimes

These became the musings of a wife after a child


I have a househelp

That is akin to prudence

Even the proverbs 31 woman had servant girlS

Please cook the soup

Give the clothes to the laundry man

There are helps for a reason

This is now the sermon of a wife after three.


PS: 51 more days to Evados Children Storybook


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    zizywrites - December 30, 2017

    Beautiful. 👏

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      Ufedo Love - January 2, 2018

      Thank you

      1. Reply
        zizywrites - January 2, 2018

        You are welcome

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