Memoirs and Journaling… New Book alert!

These are the memoirs of Nehemiah son of Hacaliah. Nehemiah 1:1(NLT)

The memoirs of Nehemiah, the psalms of David e.t.c became part of the Bible

They help us now in our daily walk…

How far do you think your memoirs can reach?

Do you journal?

Do you know the past can be a guide to the future?

How has journaling helped you?

What do you think of journaling?

Interested in the journal? it has pages for prayer lists, thanksgiving lists, goals, pages for your personal thoughts and ideas, collection of poems e.t.c.

It’s also divided into sections for your life, marriage and children…

If you are single… Prepare and pray for your future through the pages.

If you are married… Monitor, pray and shape your life, children and home through the pages.

Preorder till 15th January: 2000
Unwuchola Ufedo

PS: when you preorder you have the opportunity of having it personalized with your name inside and outside.™

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