Mama Put or Posh… The eating joint choice


How are you treating the new week?

So last week I took a stroll during office hours and I noticed different eating joints, from #100 a plate to #500, #1000 and above within the area.

Whichever you choose to patronize, you will get fed and get full, the only thing is the quality of food, environment, and service for each differ.

This incident reminded me of my Bible verse for this year Nehemiah 2:8…

The book of Nehemiah is the author’s diary/journal of how he rebuilt the wall of Jerusalem; steps, challenges faced and victory. In this verse, he had requested permission to go home and the King asked, “Nehemiah when will you be back?” He told the King then went ahead to ask for guards to accompany him for protection, a letter to the king’s forest guard enabling him to get timbers for building the wall, gate of Jerusalem and his personal house where he will live during his stay in Jerusalem. According to him, the King agreed because the gracious hand of God was with him.

This brings me to my verse for the year…

Nehemiah knew that God’s gracious hand was with him when he was answering and making his demands, so he was not afraid to ask for what he needed.

Do you know how big/wide the wall of Jericho is? Why didn’t he say at least the king has given me permission to go, let me not be greedy/selfish and ask for more…? I will manage somehow. He made full demands on what he knew was available.

The same way nobody will like you more or less if you enter any of the eating spots around my office to place your order, God will not love you more or less if you do or do not go for all the things available for you in the year…

2020 is a blank year filled with the gracious hand of God, like a big man/woman giving you a blank cheque with the instruction, withdraw as much as you want, no limit… that’s what God has given to us, we can step out in faith, boldly take actions, do things and get results because we know it’s already a blessed year or we can manage through the year and accept whatever comes our way by hiding the blank cheque or withdrawing just enough for transport fare.

Is God’s grace available for everyone just as it was for Nehemiah?

Do you know it?

What will you do with this 2020 blank cheque?

Do you think your demand can be too big for God’s grace to handle?

Nehemiah’s journal/diary became part of the book of the bible, what are you writing down in your own journal now that can help others with their journey in life?

What is going through your mind right now?

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