Making Puffs on a Roll (Snacks Attack)

While organizing the Writers Meet in February… I thought of making snacks myself for the event, but discarded the idea. I opted for paying someone to do the job which will save time and energy for other things . I began asking around and comparing prices that was when I discovered Destiny Snacks.
Tucked in a little corner, about a walking distance from my office sat the little shop. close to the State Government House and Kasuwa hotel. I pass the route sometimes but I never knew what goes on there because it was usually empty.
When my friend told me about the place, I asked many times to be sure. She told me the place is usually closed for business for the day during the time I take the route. I wondered what sort of business closes that early. We placed our order for the Writers Meet and their price was fair, so we took it with fingers crossed. On the day of the event, the quality on delivery was top-notch.
I got curious and asked my friend to know more about the owner. She said the woman has been at it for a while and supplies most retailers in Lokoja. Really? I thought. That gave me a business idea; except for restaurants, no one sells snacks around my office. I noticed some of my colleagues liked snacks. so I decided to buy from her and resell at the office alongside Zobo, Kunu and Ginger drink. and that was how my side business started.
This started my going to Destiny Snacks for puff. I started with egg roll and Puff but narrowed it down to puff alone. The first day I went there, I was amazed at what I saw. Different people with containers of different shapes and sizes vying for attention. Excluding those who had orders delivered to them on daily basis.
Her staff consisted of mixers, fryers, counters, money collectors and delivery guys. Her daughters were on hand to assist. well-educated and articulate girls who fried, counted and politely attended to customers.
I once overheard a conversation between her and her eldest daughter… where she asked how many Jerry can of groundnut oil they brought. and she said around 8-9 I think and as at when she was asking, they needed more because all was exhausted.
Immediately the pastries are dropped into the basket from the oil. A container and its owner were already calling for its attention. It was clear she supplies most retailers in Lokoja, on market days; the place is like a market itself. filled with those who sold in the market.
The buyers arrive early… buy and go to their shops, market stalls, schools or wherever their selling points are. This explains the reason why I usually see the place closed when I pass by, by 10am – 11:30am. Then only few late comers are left to be attended to.
As usual I went sniffing around for the story… I didn’t get much but at least I got something.
According to the daughter… her mother started with making one or two egg-roll and few puffs about ten years ago.
In the early days, most days they had no buyer and looked for buyers but she stuck it out and refused to get discouraged. Her daughter said they helped her sell them around then. Over time, it grew from two egg roll to five. Now they make nothing less than five hundred daily. Not counting meat pies, doughnuts, puff and buns. Now buyers come to them, they do not need to look for buyers like when they started.
It encouraged me you know, keep at it and there will be a turnover if you do not give up. Is it going to be easy and smooth sailing? No! Will there be glitches and challenges? You bet there will! Will you flirt with giving up? That is a given, but then give up to start something new? Will you give up when it’s tough again? Those who succeed do not have two heads and brains. There is nothing physically special about them and they held on. That should encourage me to work at it and hold on.
A child sits, crawls, stands, toddle and then walk before running. What do you say we give the idea and business room to grow through the stages ?

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