Major and Minor Distractions

My children are always eager to help with chores. I oblige them by giving them age appropriate tasks whenever I can.

On Saturday, during bath time. I was in their room picking out clothes for them. As usual, they followed me. They were playing around the room. Nuggie entered the wardrobe and sat beside me. Tori took the basket of clothes and ran around with it, pretending it was a car. While Samuel our footballer tried to keep himself standing long enough to kick a ball.

I picked out Tori and Nuggie’s clothes. I wanted to drop them in my room before I pick out Samuels’. An opportunity to give them a task. I looked over, to call Tori but I paused as I saw her with the basket. She will have to take it back to its position while I waited. I turned to Nuggie beside me. She was nearby and not occupied. I decided to give her the clothes instead. They were not aware of the decision I was making beside them.

“Nuggie, take these clothes to my room.” I said. She stretched her hands out and collected them. When Tori saw what was happening, she said “mummy, what of me?” I picked out Samuel’s shirt and gave it to her and she was appeased but Nuggie had gone with the bulk of the clothes.

While going to the bathroom. A thought came to me. How many times do I ask God for something, opportunities, responsibilities e.t.c. but I am so preoccupied with other minor and so-called major activities? Then, when God sends the answers I miss it because I am distracted. Since He does not take back what He has given (James 1:7). And His word does not return back to Him without achieving the purpose for which He has sent it (Isaiah55:11). He gives or sends the available person.

When this thought came and I imagined what I must have missed because of me. I postponed the bath. I developed headache immediately.
Tori would have taken more clothes but she didn’t know that. God full of mercy will still give us another chance but will not take back the one we lost from the available person.

I remember Pastor Mrs Funke Adejumo once sharing how her sister was praying for the fruit of the womb for a while. At a point she stopped going for choir practice for one reason or the other. The Holy Spirit told Mrs Adejumo. God has been sending her (sister’s) answer every choir rehearsal day (the details are a bit sketchy). But she is usually not there, so it goes to someone else. When she told her sister she resumed ASAP. Long story short… having a child is no longer on the prayer list.

What are your distractions… minor and major?

Are you waiting on God or you are expecting Him to wait till you notice it’s time?

What service to God has the issue made you abandon?

PS: 84 days to the Book Launch of Evados Children Stories…



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