Lurking deep within your heart…

Listening to some topics, it’s very easy to switch off because in our minds, we are like “tell them, it’s true.people need to stop doing that.” We rarely hear things for ourselves, rather we are always thinking of people who need to hear it.
Whenever I hear people talking about forgiveness, as far as I am concerned, I have no issue with that, so I press ignore… Yeah right, perfect Ufedo.
Anyways, while reading a story two nights ago, the end spoke on forgiveness, so I skipped it as usual, not for me… next
I slept off then I had a dream, I was walking in a corridor and I came to a door, someone said open it, I did and saw a friend who I haven’t seen or spoken to for over five years. The voice said talk to her and I got angry and said no, not after what she did to me. Twice this happened and I could not bring myself to talk to her.
I left there and she came to meet me to ask why I was still angry. I angrily told her how what she did over 6years ago still hurt me. I tried to get her to see why she was wrong, while talking I woke up.
I woke up angry and pained. Then I realised God just showed me I needed the forgiveness message and I have to let go. 

This was a shock to me because, I never knew I was still angry over the issue. I had forgotten it and her… Or maybe I blanked it out of my mind. I immediately asked God to please show me more and help me work through it. While asking for forgiveness and mending fences with the person.
What issues have you knowingly/unknowingly buried and hidden in your heart? I can bet you, the person may never apologies but letting go is for us most importantly.
This is for you… Yes you!!! Maybe, just maybe this message is first for me… Have you considered that?

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