Love, Words and Amplifier…

Everyone(including parent, family, friends, society, e.t.c)have given their definitions of love and what they think it is. I hear them but I want to know for myself(not in my head, cos my head understands but in my being) what love truly is.
I once heard the book of John is a great book on love, so I decided to start from there.

What is love?

What does it mean to say God loves me?

Do I love?

Is it only a feeling, a choice, both or more?

How do I truly get (the meaning) it?
Reading verse 1-4 of the book of John. It says Jesus is the Word, that means from Him sentences, paragraphs e.t.c emerged that formed things and many…
If in the beginning was the Word, that means words are very important but out of the thousands we pour out everyday, do we really pay attention to it?
The Word was with God, and was God – everything was created by it… If we are now part of Christ, with the Holy Spirit living in us. It then means, our words too create everything we see because we carry the Word in us. Our reality (positive/negative) therefore is built by the words that we have spoken or have been spoken over us.
Life is in the Word and this life gives light… Our words can give light to things or dim the light in others, depending on how we choose to use it.
If Jesus came for me to have Him(who is the Word)… Then we are now the microphone that amplify “THE Word” in us… Am I amplifying the Word in me to give light or amplifying darkness through my words to extinguish the light?

Could it be I am my own darkness by the Word I choose to amplify?

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