I saw the news on the kidnapped children and I am very happy for the families and the school. I cannot begin to imagine what the parents would have gone through; thank God they came back safe, we were all praying for them.

I noticed something while reading the story on their thanksgiving in the school, one of the parents gave a testimony on how his son called him with the mobile phone of one of the kidnappers which he mistakenly left behind.

He called his father to ask, if they should escape, the man missed the call and the children didn’t escape. The man went ahead to say, had he picked the call, he would have told them to escape.

I learnt something from this, I need to start teaching my children Independence and allow them exercise it. I should also give them age appropriate responsibilities and teach them actions have consequences likewise mistakes. They need to know this and how to think fast when am there or not. I shouldn’t micro manage my kids or kill their inquisitive nature but rather channel it appropriately.

Importantly, they should know; I will not be always there, but I trust them to make the right and wise decisions. These are what I learnt.

Those children are (correct me if am wrong) within the ages of 10-15 and they got a phone, had opportunity of escaping but had to call for permission to escape.

The leaders of tomorrow should be guided not spoon fed.


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