I am too tired to care… But is He?

…Jacob’s well was there, and Jesus, tired as he was from the journey, sat down by the well. It was about noon.

John 4:6 NIV
Jesus was tired and hungry, but while He was resting this woman comes along… 
Most times I love talking to myself more than people. My family and few friends are exceptions (my husband believes I am a chatterbox). 
When people talk too much I tune them out, when my children are beginning to talk too much I tell them, “wow, is that so, let’s continue later okay?
When I begin to talk too much, my husband doze off.
When I am tired and hungry, I pretend you can’t see me, and I rarely initiate a conversation but this passage showed me a different way.
That was not the case with Jesus, in fact, he initiated the conversation not minding this woman’s shady past and present. He was interested in these people enough to make a detour and spend a few days with them.
If He did not allow himself to be limited by His flesh but still reached out tired as He was… 
Will He now, when there is no flesh limiting Him, allow anything stop Him from reaching out to me?
If he could listen and speak to the woman whose life was filled with plenty question marks… 
That means my mind is wrong when it tries to tell me, “God cannot/does not hear me or is not listening.” 
Or the times it tells me “Jesus is not interested in you or your situation, stop bothering yourself” 
He is interested in me, and wants me to bring the gist. He doesn’t doze off or tune me out or cut me off when I talk but I have to learn the balance of listening also while He replies…
What’s the gist… He wants to hear
Do remember to listen while you are gisting.

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