How Big is your want to…?

God has been bringing different messages on holding on and not giving up my way for the past two or more weeks…I see them everywhere, even on different social media platforms.

Randomly I scrolled through some messages I saved from Youtube on my phone and what do you know…the three I opened happened to be on not giving up…I am attracting that message everywhere; I like to think they are God’s way of telling/reminding me to hold on and not give up.

In my YouTube messages the first was Funke Adejumo talking on ‘Help is on the way’ the other one was John Osteen on ‘How big is your want to?’ they both talked about how we give up after praying for a while and there is no ‘result’ also if you really want something, you will hold on until you see a manifestation rather than give up and sometimes forget we were praying for that thing or that particular prayer topic and move to another one.

John Osteen gave an analogy on how he was believing God for two cows for a conference in his church, he even announced in the church that; he is believing someone will bring two cows and he also kept declaring it to himself, as days went by.

The conference date drew near; the devil told him, you know you can just go ahead and buy these cows since you have the money in your account, rather than believing and waiting for them… and he was like you know that’s true, so he took money, bought the cow and they used them for the conference.

After the conference, he had a dream where he saw two big snakes that had swallowed two cows and he could see the outline of the cows in their belly, then in the dream, God told him those were his cows which he left for the devil, he learnt his lesson so well that when his wife had cancer and was given weeks to live… that cow experience kept the couple from giving up on believing and praying for her healing, even when it looked like there was no sign of a miracle for her after days, weeks and months of declaring and believing, the devil definitely brought ideas of giving up but he might have succeeded at the cows but not this one…long story short, John Osteen is dead now and his wife, Dodie is still alive many years later.

Another experience I had brought the ‘don’t give up…hold on’ closer home. The state Waterboard hasn’t brought water for a while and our reserve was near exhaustion…we held on, thinking the water will come soon…soon was not forthcoming as the day we expected water came and passed with no scent of water…a new week was starting and water is paramount to everything…mind you, the reserve was still remaining but not enough to last the week…

On Monday, we got a tanker to refill the tank…we refilled the tank in the morning by 11am and waterboard brought water before 12pm the same day…

I have let the devil have my cows countless times, given up at the edge of what would have been my miracle countless times…God got my attention and showed me mercy by bringing to my notice the freewill donations I have been doing to the devil.

Thank you Lord for showing me what I am doing wrong and telling me to hold on…I receive the grace to hold on and not give up, even when the night seems unending in Jesus name. Amen

What do you want? everybody wants something!

the reply may be: “I want to….(fill in the blank)”

That’s alright, BUT how big is your want to…?

Is it big enough to hold on and keep believing no matter how impossible and difficult it may look OR will you give up and let the devil have your cows?

Do I dare hold on even when it looks like it’s almost late or getting late?

Do I dare? Do you?





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