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Writing a book has always been on my mind but in the line of novels for adult. I have two unpublished manuscript to that effect.
I started toying with children storybooks when my aunt, who is a Reverend sister took charge of a school. She was complaining about the students, so I thought of writing stories for them. Since words are powerful tool in correction.
My idea was, she makes them read by telling them to bring back a report on the stories. what they thought of the story. what they would have done if they are the characters in the story. what they would have changed in the story. They should also give their own ending to the story.
I got this idea from Ben Carson in his book Gifted Hands. He said that was how his mother made him and his brother read when they were younger. Every two weeks, they had to go to the library. Borrow a book, finish it, write out the summary and read it out for her (because she was an illiterate). Then tell her their own preferred ending. Most people know Ben Carson, he said that was part of his success in life.
I read that book during NYSC. I cannot remember all it said. but that was something I stored in my memory bank for future use.
If the children in my aunt’s school had their mind occupied with positive and motivating things.They will be able to dream bigger and apply themselves more.
Then I saw the post I wrote about in my last write-up and the book took a life of its own. I had plan of only printing them out in plain paper. then stapling them together for the children but things got bigger from there.
My parents fueled my reading habit by buying books for me whenever they traveled or saw a book stand. My mother took to taking me to her office (she was a banker), because there was a book-stand close to her office. She had an arrangement with the owner. Whenever she bought a book, I devour it overnight. She concluded it was better for her pocket if I stayed there and read to my heart’s content. rather than buying a new book every day. She did not understand the obsession with books but she figured, it was better than a negative vice.
Books especially stories have a way of opening your mind. making you think far. take steps that others may consider crazy. they also have a way of making you give deeper meaning to plain things. My children will have to be readers.

Should I start a book club for children… no, let me not get ahead of myself. Let this one come out and I give copies to my aunt’s school first before I rope myself in deeper than I already am. Book club…Ha! Where do I start from? Noooo… Abeg.
I learnt something in all these though. you know that meme that says you do not have to see the whole staircase. take one step at a time and you will get to the destination? Well, confirmed it… it is true. Whatever idea you have take a step. everything will start unfolding ahead of you but you need to take a step first to see the next one.
Also, I realized helping others gives ideas too. it should not always be about my family alone. the person I refuse to correct today or guide tomorrow can be my children’s spouse. or an influence in our life next week. when we hear sowing, we always think of religious setting. but we sow everyday with every decision we make and we will reap it tomorrow in our lives or our generation.
What steps have you taken recently?
What are you sowing?
What idea has helping given you?
Have you helped someone who cannot pay you back recently?
 What of that idea you have been toying with… How far?

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