Hardened in the waiting

There are things I have been asking for and working towards. I look around and see the reply has not manifested the way I hoped for. I didn’t stop praying,working and hoping but I came across a verse Heb4:7 that says… Harden not your heart… While thinking about the word I realised my heart was hardened.

My thinking has always been, only unbelievers have hard hearts. But we all run the risk of having a hard heart, even without knowing.

Just like when you push someone too long and the person rebels.

I am tired of praying, trying again, all the midnight prayers were did it lead me? Abeg let me give myself rest and sleep.

Is God even seeing the fast? Let me not go and give myself ulcer for nothing.

What’s new to see in the Bible? Daniel saved from lion’s den… Ask and you will receive. I have been quoting them all in prayer yet nothing. Abeg let me rest.

All these people with their stories, are they even true? If it is why am I not seeing it in my situation.

It’s easy to give positive speech and encouragement when it’s someone else but when you are the one, it becomes a bitter pill… What haven’t I tried?

Getting to the other side becomes like walking in thick mud but if you can come out to the other side, there is clean flowing water of strength and grace, even testimonies to wash off in.

Remember there is another mud ahead (there will always be mud traps ahead)…learn to start recognising the signs so you will not fall in even if you do fall in, learn how to jump out as fast as you can rather than wallow in pity.
Are you in the mud?
Did you just dodge the mud
Or you are in the clear stream washing off the mud?
Whichever state you are… Caution: Don’t get hardened and caked!!!

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