Handling toddlers…

I hear often, people saying, “don’t shout at your children, talk to them, explain, they will take correction and learn more.”

I listen to them and think, maybe they are not from my planet or they may have taken something to make them immune to their children’s antics.

I remember when I tried the explanation method:
Me: Tori and Nugie you shouldn’t do that
Me: (trying to explain)Because bla bla bla…
Girls: Why?
I kept explaining and the “why” kept coming till I forgot what I was trying to correct in the first place.
I can shout, I know it and throw in spanking once in a while… but it’s not working, it only help me let off steam and make my sensitive daughter less sure of herself, now she’s even copying that (shouting at her siblings).

I see shouting as a wrong reflex action for me but then again how do you handle going to your children’s room to see them using their lunch box with their brother’s cup to fetch water from the bathroom to wash their teddy, pulling out all the wipes and trashing them, pulling out clean clothes,using them to clean all reachable surfaces after dipping it in water, feeding their teddy bear with their food and the latest one,picking sachet water nylon and trashing them in the toilet e.t.c.

please oh,people who have graduated from the “stop it, leave there! stage how did you handle their inquisitiveness and activity without going crazy and keep your self from screaming yourself hoarse while at it…

Kids…You just have love them…right?


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