Does God Deserve our Gratitude?

I saw a video of two victims (a man with his young son, who is six) of Houston’s Hurricane Harvey (I am completely baffled at why they give these things name?)

They were airlifted from their house with the aid of a helicopter; carrying an almost flat backpack with the cloth on their body, that was all they came out with. According to the man they lost everything including a car and their house.

The man said: “we thank God, we thank God.” He was asked, “Where will you go now?” he said: “I don’t know” you are still thankful?  the reporter asked him, “Yes, God did it.” He replied.

I thought and thought, then I though some more and I scrolled away. I was laying the bed in the evening and the video came back to with this questions:

What does it take to be grateful? When should I be grateful?

Then I played back the video in my head, thinking of the man and his young son and the uncertainty that they face.

Lately I have been seeing my life in the lyrics of Mary Mary’s song “shackles” …everything that could go wrong went wrong…” but I saw that video and I saw the myopic way I have been viewing my life; yes I have a list as tall as I am but the basics are covered and provided for, it’s just the extra I have not seen yet.

Even when I am thanking God, in my head, I am like: “what has God even done for me, what’s the use of even praying when I do not see answers? Those getting these answers do they have two heads?

Then I saw this and I saw what I was doing, I confessed my ingratitude and had an attitude adjustment immediately

I do not claim to understand why some things happen or take time

Neither will I say it is all clear and everything is alright in the sense we mean when we say “alright”

still one thing is sure; God loves us, nothing can change that…nothing we do can increase or decrease the love!

God has good plans for us no matter the situation!

At what point does God deserve our gratitude? – ALWAYS

Even when we do not have it figured out? – YES

Even when we do not see the result or know when answers will come? – YES

Even when I do not feel like it? – YES

Will it be easy? – NO

What if it hurts? – BE GRATEFUL SOME MORE

I once told a friend, even when you want to cry at how hard and difficult things feel or you feel overwhelmed by all means, cry and dance in gratitude.

I have realized you don’t have to feel like it just do it till you feel like it and even if you do not, continue.

Have you ever felt so overwhelmed you were crying hard but you not only cried but you danced and thanked God in the pains and despair? Try it!

What is your take on gratitude?

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  • Showing gratitude makes you see life from a higher realm. Oprah once talked about keeping a gratitude journal and writing 3 things you are grateful for everyday, you will be amazed.

    • Ufedo Love
      3 years ago

      Right…? Gratitude sure do repair the heart! Thank you for sharing Ufoma

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