Getting schooled

Tori loves meat,fish,egg e.t.c, she will rather eat these than food. I encourage her to eat by promising extra meat/fish. Nugie on the other hand loves food and wouldn’t mind if there is nothing on her food, she just enjoys food and eating.

Yesterday, Nugie wanted food,Tori wasn’t interested but when she saw the fish in the food, she wanted it, I refused (that will not be fair to the one eating the food) as usual, she starts crying.

While trying to explain to her, a thought came to me (which I believe is the Holy Spirit):

That’s what you do when you resent those who have things you don’t. You want the benefits of God but you are not ready to walk with God,watch your words, take conscious right steps, love people, work hard and even make sacrifices at some point…but when you see those who have paid their dues, you want part of it, you get angry, bitter,jealous that it’s not happening for you. Then, you want to do a crash course in obedience maybe I can get some, like my meat lover who will try to take a spoon or two for a piece of meat.

It’s not about doing it for what I can get but enjoying the process even when I don’t get anything out of it (like my food lover), that will sustain me better and longer.

I was trying to teach Tori but I was schooled by the Holy Spirit instead.

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