Gain Access For Your Breakthrough

21 Days of Pressing Through – Gain Access For Your Breakthrough
Three Weeks of Pressing Through to Gain Access from Earth to Heaven
I have come to understand that “No matter how established you are, there will be new beginnings in your life, ministry, and spheres of authority.” So, I will be praying for access for my breakthrough from today the first of December to the 21st of December 2018. If you are interested… Below are the prayer points

1. Thank God that Jesus came to become THE DOOR of access for you! 
2. Ask the Lord to give you ACCESS. In the new covenant dispensation, the enemy is blocked from entering into the throne room. However, YOU HAVE ACCESS. The access will release power that will cause the enemy to flee!
3. Lord engrace meWe, to manifest who I am and who I represent! 
4• Father help me to gain ACCESS to the THRONE ROOM. Read Luke 11.

5• Lord help me gain ACCESS to my GARDEN. That was the first premise of boundaries. Within our new boundaries are the manifestations of glory and the communion of our future.

6• Lord help me gain ACCESS to the Kingdom of God! We will understand the Kingdom of God within us and demonstrate Kingdom power within our sphere.

7• God help me gain ACCESS to the blessings of Abraham’s covenant and align with Israel—God’s first nation.

8• God help me gain ACCESS to mysteries held in Your Word. There must be a revival of the Word of God in the Body of Christ. (Father gave the Torah to Israel and then the Son demonstrated His heart and mind to us.)

9• God cause me to gain ACCESS to a new timing, linked with harvest!

10• Father help me gain ACCESS to the ark and understand the procession of glory in our region.

11• Lord help me gain ACCESS to understanding the government of God in Heaven and Earth. This will mobilize an army for war.

12• God help me gain ACCESS to new sound that will produce movement. access to NEW SONGS that will break old cycles.

13• Lord help me Gain ACCESS to the understanding of God’s order in our land.

14• God help me gain ACCESS to the place where new provision and wealth exists. To remove the enemy’s covering and possess my inheritance.
       IN JESUS NAME… Amen
There is a great war over the inheritance of our future. Many times our warfare is centered around internal issues. Like Peter, we are having to get beyond ourselves so that we can be sent into God’s mission and the destiny that He has for us. Another thing to understand is gaining access to enter your breakthrough portal! Gain access to strategies to war for the promise ahead. Enter with a MIND to TRIUMPH

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