Fruits of the Affirmation…

I teach my children affirmation and they (even Samuel with his toddler talk) say it morning and evening (some times). I know they don’t get the meaning of some of the words but we still say it.
Last night, it was assignment time. Toris’ had a passage where a series of questions were asked about her class. It was basically teaching the children not to answer in monosyllables.
It had who is the tallest, shortest… In your class.
We came to a number that said, who is the brightest in your class? She read the question, then she asked what the word meant. I told her, intelligent and without any hesitation, she answered. “It’s me, I’m the brightest in my class.”
I was surprised, I’m intelligent is part of their affirmation but not I am the most intelligent in my class… So I asked,  how do you know? She said, I just know.
Do you teach your children affirmation?
Have you noticed any difference or impact yet?
If no, keep at it there is a construction going on inside
If yes, let’s hear from you…

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