Forward,Distractions and Lures

We recently moved to a new location…

But around the time we were to move, I started noticing new and interesting things in the old location to the point I started second-guessing the move. I kept asking my husband, are you sure?

Every day I go out, I saw people, places and things of interest that I haven’t seen in my eight years in this location. I mean, where have they been these years?

This led me to an age-old discovery, something subtle that you will not realize it’s happening…

For instance, in the beginning, why did the devil bother to tempt the first family with the forbidden fruit? There was ‘great’ ahead but he gave them the impression that the good is the best.

Why bother trying to tempt Jesus with bowing down and getting the world… the trick was to get Him to settle for the good, making it look like the best.

Who knew the first person with the relocation agenda to Canaan(the land with milk and honey)? Abraham’s father but it is written he settled in Haran, probably because it looked good and green.

I have heard different stories of people who were planning their weddings but within that period, they begin to see babes and guys with better qualities physically, financially, mentally, spiritually e.t.c. than who they currently are with or an interesting Ex who comes begging for a second chance.

Your sensitivity at this point will determine whether you settle for good or take the best or if you will recognize which is which.

It’s an age-old trick… when great things are about to happen to you or in your life… good things will throw themselves on your path posing as the best and only option.

It has always been the trick and will continue to be the trick. Your sensitivity and courage will determine the outcome.

Frankly, it takes courage to say no to a good thing because you believe for the best which nobody can see… who does that? The wise (stupid to the world) person obviously

Take an inventory of your life and decisions so far…

Have you always tilted towards the good or held on for the best?

Do you have the courage to say no to the good?

Can where you are now, be you, settling for the good?

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