Finding Balance and Support in Seasons

Meet Ozichi Ijeoma Omotade

This is a woman who have come to accept the different seasons of her life and the power of support…
She says…

Our expectations sometimes need to come down a bit, there are stages in our life that we need to go through. There are times we need to give our spouse more attention, sometimes it’s the children who requires all our attention and some days things go smoothly with minimal effort from you. We are to observe and learn from the situation… 
One of the things I am learning recently is to take time for myself. I struggled with it for many years because it seemed I was selfish. but I am realizing when I take time out for myself even if it requires me stressing myself to cook everything ahead, send the children to a friend’s house, whatever it may takes. It helps me to connect with my inner self and rejuvenate, which helps me to be able to pour out into my home. 
Sometimes my friends and I meet and pray, encourage ourselves and vent, advice one another. The multitasking we do as women is a lot, so we need outlets where we can just be, do whatever it is, paint your nails or whatever, just have fun among yourselves, something you do and you don’t feel like you are wasting time…
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