Fathers Are Better Than Mothers… Discuss For/Against.

Earlier I had seen a topic in my daughter’s notebook about roles of family members. Father’s pay school fees and buy’s clothes E.t.c while Mummy’s role is to cook. I felt that was not a good portrait of a woman and decided to tell her teacher about it but I forgot.

Weeks later, I heard my daughter telling her self. My Mummy only cooks food but Daddy does plenty things… He buys my clothes, shoes, pays our school fees and the list went on and on. I want to be like daddy so I can do plenty things. Ha! I thought but allowed her to finish her solo discussion.

First, I went to her school to suggest… It will be a good idea to teach the children that the mother’s role is not only in the kitchen. Yes, mothers cook but some fathers do it too because they want to. Mothers also support fathers with all the “plenty” work that Daddy does even if she is a housewife…

I remember growing up and being part of debate topics like Mothers are better than Fathers or boys are better than girls(then you argue for or against) I don’t know if schools still debate such topics. But some of these things are part of the reasons why there is even gender struggle in the first place. There shouldn’t be a competition, Both gender together keeps the wheels running smoothly.

The next step was to teach my children the roles in the home. We showed and explained with actions how Daddy and Mummy help each other both in and outside the home. How truly daddy provides, but mommy’s place is not in the kitchen alone.

They should not start forming the mentality of who does better, who is lower or wait with crossed legs for prince charming to come and put them in the kitchen while he does everything and their brain lies fallow… Nah, not on my watch!

Did the school take my suggestion? Maybe… It is their job to teach but they only support the foundation built by parents. If you leave the job for the school alone… then whatever you get you take!!!

What foundation is your child’s school building on… No foundation, haphazard or solid foundation?


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  • My dear, that is how my second daughter keeps shouting “I want to be a daddy when I grow up so that I can wear a tie and go to work” not because of anything she was taught at school, but because she likes how daddy always looks like a “gentleman” (in her own words). Lol

    And yes! I agree with you that we are not in any gender struggle because both genders keep the wheel rolling. I’m happy that I play the role I do.

    Thank you Ufedo for this piece. God bless you 😍😘♥

    • Ufedo Love
      2 years ago

      Lol @tie and go to work… Yes o… All roles are important
      Amen, Thanks dear

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