Fathers and Importance

We live in a world where the role of mothers has been so hyped that we sometimes forget the importance of the male folk in our lives.Some fathers are beginning to realize their place/importance while some, because of what has been drummed into their ears and what they have seen could care less. Some have no clue whatsoever.

Going through the Bible, most blessings were given by fathers. I think a father’s blessings hold more power than the mothers and even a curse can be overturned by a fathers blessing.

Genesis 35:18 Benjamin was named Benoni, son of my sorrow by the mother (Racheal)  (that’s a curse as far as I know) but his father changed the name; I like the way Wikipedia explains the name, it says “….Benjamin’s name arose when Jacob deliberately corrupted the name Benoni”

Rebecca made sure her son Jacob got the best blessing from his father, because she knew the importance. From Genesis to Revelations (correct me if I am wrong) but I cannot remember any mother giving the blessings. I am not saying we are not important but that channel cannot be boycotted except there is no father then the mother can suffice.

Some mothers do not understand this importance and they alienate their children from their father. A colleague of mine was telling how his brothers children left their father at the gate for almost twenty minutes because none of them wanted to be the person to stand up to open the door for him. When one of them finally went to open the gate grudgingly he said he wasn’t a gateman. The mother saw nothing wrong with what they did.

Another also told a story of his neighbors children who disrespected their father till he left the house out of frustration with their mother continually defending the children. The fault as far as she is concerned was with the husband and she sits with her children to gossip about their father.

Fathers, wake up and realize the spiritual power to your house lies with you and the wife only supports that role. I have heard countless people saying: “if not for my wife’s prayer…” No! sleeping giant wake up!

Mothers stop alienating the children from their fathers by not allowing them to chastise the children or telling the children about the misunderstanding you have with your husband.

I never knew when my father and mother had a misunderstanding growing up, they must have had such moments but they hid it well. Therefore, I was not saddled with the responsibility of deciding who to defend or the resentment at being put in the middle.

Meanwhile they are those who were put in that position, remember all stories have three sides; her side, his side and the truth. We were not born to be referees in our parent’s marriage but unfortunately some of us were put in that position, do not remain there and we should not continue the mistake with our children.

I think for anyone who has at one point or the other being pushed to the point of taking sides and then disrespected or insulted one parent (mother/father) go and apologize and seek your father’s blessings, then you can confidently claim your blessing as a child of God (forget pride).Whether we like it or not, that is the representative of God over us.

Epesiansh 6:1-3,and Colossians 3:20 says …Obey your father and mother; so that it may go well with you and your days may be long…the only commandment with promise and it doesn’t say if they are good to you or on the condition they treat your mother well. If you do not respect them how can you say you are respecting God who you do not see.

what do you say?

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