Family,Tradition, Culture,Upbringing(Part 2)


We heard things like…

sex is dirty only wayward/bad girls and sinners have sex.

If you allow a boy touch you, you will get pregnant

Men cannot be trusted

Don’t let your wife know everything you are doing, a woman only cares about herself and her children

All men cheat, they are polygamous in nature

Sex is not food…sex is food

Marriage is a necessary evil to be endured

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach… E.t.c.

These and more have been passed down for generations and now to you…

But rules have been changing…

How many men are sitting at home waiting for you to pass food from their stomachs to their hearts?

How many wives want sex but keep shut because they don’t want to be seen as wayward?

How many men sleep around because they judge their manhood by their ability to have more than one woman at a time?

How many children became promiscuous because they discovered sex is not what Daddy/mummy said?

How many people are miserable because they don’t enjoy sex, don’t know what to do, and don’t know who/how to ask?

How many wives have lost their husbands because the other woman knows new tricks and styles in bed which they have refused to try because it’s for prostitutes?

How many couples are living like strangers in their homes because of their mutual suspicion and failure to build friendship in their relationship?

How many men are losing money and investment opportunities because they keep things to themselves or ask advice from outsiders rather than the wife at home?

How many wives wear themselves out every day keeping the home/children and are too tired and angry at their husbands because they don’t help out neither do they try to understand why the wives are saying no to their advances?

How many couples are resentful of their spouses because one needs sex as an outlet while the other needs someone who will listen but rather than say what they want… Accusations fly around.

How many of our flawed self taught ideals are we passing on to the next children?

How many children/young people are cohabiting because they believe if they wash, cook, clean and have sex enough they will be seen as good wife material?

How many people believe they know all they need about these issues… So they don’t need mentoring, counseling, seminars or conferences on them?

The narrative remains the same if you don’t stand up… Say enough, unlearn and relearn for posterity sake.

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