Family, Traditions and Culture and Upbringing(Part 1)


I once lived with a family, where the husband loves to cook. It was therapeutic for him. His wife was a good cook and so were we. But when he’s at home, the kitchen was his, he didn’t allow us help (not even to slice onions). He always came out with new and exotic recipes.

It was not a strange sight to come to the house and meet us reading or watching TV while the Mister cooked. One day his mother came and met mummy and children in the parlour while daddy was in the kitchen cooking for everyone… Mama put her hand on her😱🙅🏽🙆🏽 and started😭😭😢. Nothing could convince Mama that it was his choice.

Long story short, the wife had to insist he manage the food we cook the way it is, after much argument, he finally agreed. He still entered the kitchen occasionally, until he got tired of the complaint. Now, he rarely enters the kitchen.

When you read the story, what came to mind? Did you take it as something normal? Blame the wife?
Did you think mama was right or overreacting?
Until recently most boys were left to raise themselves. The attention was on the girl child. She is taught how to be a proper chef, washerwoman, cleaner e.t.c. She grows with the impression that only a bad or lazy wife’s husband(or a woman wrapper) should be found doing certain things in the house.
These were taught but the aspect of sex, sustaining a home, investment, and finances, children’s upbringing, e.t.c were not.
Most parents do not teach because they were not taught, most learned on the job… Boys raised themselves, opinions were formed based on trial and error, experience or what older boys or friends said were right or mistakes of others.

We heard things like…

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