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My Laptop issue has not yet been resolved… so posting has been erratic. Hoping that will be resolved soonest. Meanwhile, here are some of the Faith stories I got… Enjoy.

I remember misplacing my car keys, the car was parked behind a neighbor’s car. He had an important appointment to meet up. I searched everywhere I could but didn’t find it and I was close to tears. Suddenly my 5year old daughter ran to me holding the keys. I asked her where she got it from and she said she asked the Holy Spirit for help and opened her little brother’s drawer and found it right there. I was really happy and shocked to hear her say this. Shocked because even when I teach them always to trust the holy spirit for directions. I hadn’t expected her to implement it the way she had done…Evelyn Ihotu Edache

I once borrowed a book “meet the Holy Spirit ” from a lecturer during my university days. The book was an eye opener. Says the Holy Spirit is always with us but we have to acknowledge him to manifest. Something as simple as “Good morning”. I practiced it. Years later, I was about to cross a very busy express road. Beside me was an old woman trying to cross too. Then she said “Holy Spirit, I need to cross” and immediately, there was a break like there’s no vehicle in sight. Indeed we need to plan it in them…Adehola Ojo

I thank God for this post, it means I’m doing something right. My children 6 and 3 have learnt early in life that their first response to any situation is ask the Holy Spirit, they take their affirmations seriously, pray like their life depends on it and know a lot of biblical principles already. They already know the things God have spoken to me about them so I tell them you’re different and you can’t afford to be like every other child doing things anyhow and we daily pray these things into manifestation according to the Fathers will. Thank you father for the grace to parent right and to do it deliberately…Ibironke Olurotimi

I know this so well. My 6 year old was so ill on Friday, she was stooling and vomiting and kept complaining of stomach ache. I was so confused. After a while I told her, “Go and talk to Jesus about this problem, tell him exactly how you feel and tell him to take the pains away” then I gave her healing confession of about a line. I was skeptical myself, but thank God for His mercies. She went away and prayed. I tiptoed to watch and I heard “my body is the temple of the Holy Spirit, no sickness can stay there “. What happened? The fever vanished, stomach ache disappeared. Was I glad? Oh yes I was. What did I learn? God hears and cares and is ever near. Can children know him on time?? A resounding YES. I knew him intimately at 9. Is it a legacy to pass on and enforce in prayers? Surely. Bless you Love…Stephanie Adejoke Henry

I taught my daughter to say thank you Jesus when she wake up and at every opportunity. She is learning fast. A scenario of when we returned home from an outing, she said thank you Jesus…Busayo Bello

I love the way Facebook links us with good people. Thanks for this link dear Frances. Some years ago there was a fire incident very close to our house. There was panic and pandemonium everywhere. I had to drive our car out of the compound. When I came back my children were by the window from where they watched. My first daughter who was nine then was speaking in tongues and her siblings were praying and asking the Lord to send rain and stop the fire. The fire burnt everything down but no life was lost. The next day my third daughter stood by the window and looked at the destruction the fire had caused. Then she said yesterday we asked God to send rain but the rain did not come, just as I was getting ready to defend the Lord, she said “But I still love God” I stood speechless. Such depth from a six year old and their conduct during the fire outbreak made me realize that we are on the right path raising them and we should do more. God is so interested in continuity so we should CATCH THEM YOUNG…Misan Ofoluwafo Omokwe

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