Is the excuse really valid…?

I have had too many excuses to give…

one day while trying to explain why something will not work; I realized if I continue on this lane I will only be mediocre at best.

Sometimes we don’t even know we are becoming a pro at giving excuses, becoming good at defending why we should continually be marking time and never moving forward.

We all have the most part to play in our success.

Next time we want to give a ‘valid reason’ we should as ourselves, Is this really valid or an excuse to be excused?

This poem came from that place where I realized, most excuses have big holes in them.

What if…?
What if beautiful blue turns gloomy grey
What if I had it, I held it or so I thought
What if the seams are unraveling, Grasp it! Grasp it!
What if perfect love turns sickening fear?
What if pretty smiles turns perfect grimace
What if?

What if not?
Beautiful blue to gloomy grey clears to sunset yellow
I had it I held it am only human and can as much
The seams unravel…leave it, it was old anyway
Perfect loves turns sickening fear, definitely not meant to be
Pretty smiles turns perfect grimace but clears into beautiful laughter
Perfectly perfect is boring anyway
What if the what if doesn’t matter?
What if…?
What if not?

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