To eat…or not to eat?

I saw some of the harmful ingredients purported to be in drinks,biscuits e.t.c, the increasing number of children with diabetes, more cases of cancer and the side effects of some of these ingredients. So, I decided to play detective and found most of the things we usually buy for my children or i take myself contain about two or three of these ingredients in one! Even the baby milk I went to buy had partially hydrogenated in one of the ingredients, some cereals taste like pure sugar!
I cannot fully rule out chemicals but I can stop and replace with naturals as much as I can. Some think it’s only poor people who go for natural things, while others say “but they are crying for it, what do you want me to do?”
I read about IBB’s daughter who got married recently and guests were served with kulikuli,donkwa,zobo,kunu (natural/healthy drinks and snacks) e.t.c and zero fizzy(soft)drinks and I was impressed.
I also learnt from a colleague that Dates(dabino) is used in place of sugar, dry it and blend(minus seed) into powder and you can use it in anything for sugar. It also helps among other things to stop diarrhea, (this was confirmed when my daughter had it).
My children still take some of these things, once in a while (maybe twice in a month) they trash bobo (in the waste-bin)whenever they are given, it’s a work in progress, but we are on our way and am learning daily,that’s the main thing.


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