Dream and Journaling

I remember my lecturer Prof Ezugu telling us in the university, ‘always have a book and biro by your beds and wherever you go because ideas and solutions can drop into your minds at any time.’ He went further to advise we write our dreams immediately we wake up even if it was middle of the night, and your mind tells you to go back to sleep, you will remember in the morning. According to him if you write your dreams consistently for a month you will get clarity about your life.

That was like fifteen years ago and those words have become a lifestyle. I write my dreams and rarely go anywhere without my journal.

Recently, I have not been consistent but last year before we relocated from Lokoja we had two visits from men of the underworld within three months. Fortunately, only valuables were lost but by God’s grace, they could be replaced.

Anyways I was flipping through my journal after we relocated and I was shocked to see that I had written down a dream about the burglary two months before it happened. Not only that, someone had told me in the dream the padlock we were using then was the weak link and needed to be changed but I woke up and didn’t do anything about it… Well, you and I know what happened two months later.

It’s not too late to start writing your own dreams among other things; you can’t trust your brain to remember it all…

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Get your journal and keep your life in order… don’t repent later

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