Do you know anybody?

Through Yesterday, I have been thinking on my previous post and what it entails, my religious knowledge has been fighting with my spirit because this is bigger than what I have always known. My mind cannot seem to accept or begin to fathom this truth.

I decided not to rush through but go back to Colossians 1 again this morning, to be sure of what I saw and to see what more illumination I can get.

While reading through, I came to 1:16 …everything has been created through him and for him…

My hubby once bought building blocks play set for the children, there loved those blocks and had fun in building things in different shapes and sizes and sometimes we built with them too.

That play set was for them and it will be strange if one of the blocks said I don’t want to play anymore or I want to play my own way.

This was the illustration that came to me while reading this verse.

Jesus is not like a kid with a toy but just like those toys belonged to my children and were bought for them, the same way we have been created through him and for him.

My children were created through him and for him

My husband was created through him and for him

My career was created through him and for him

My finances were created through him and for him

My life and purpose was created through him and for him

My friends/family were created through him and for him

Everything I have, will have and will do is supposed to be for him.

There is nothing like it is my life; I live it the way I want, that is equivalent to the play toys telling my children I want to do what I want.

The play set is called building blocks, there was a purpose for their creation, and likewise there is a purpose for my creation.

I can kick against it, struggle for my way all I want and waste time, but it will be best for me to accept the fact that I am part of a grand design and not a neutral spare part that can fit into anywhere I choose.

The one that fascinates me the most is this…since I am created through him and for him; that means I Am on Jesus List, you know like VC’s list for admission, President or a government official’s list for a job or contract or approval, being first on the waiting list for a transplant or something… I can now see how some people who do not have ‘long legs’ get some things that with our human thinking seem too high/impossible so cheaply.  If you are on Jesus list any need to lobby to be on someone’s list, if you know your place?

Are you getting the picture now?




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