Do it Afraid Lesson… A success.

Last night after eating, I shared the cleaning up duties amongst my girls. Nuggie clears the plate while Tori cleans. For now Samuel’s duty is his own plate.

To clean, Tori has to get the broom and dust pan. Note, there is no light, and the generator is acting up, we were using a rechargeable lantern.

Tori: Mummy, I am scared, it’s dark.
Nuggie: Mummy let me go with her.
Me: No, Tori go with my phone for extra light.
Tori: Crying, she went out and ran back. “I can’t find the broom.”
Me: if you check properly, you will find it, did you check outside?
Tori: (wailing) it’s dark outside, I am very scared.
Me: Even though you are scared, still do it anyway, the fear will go away.
She stood there crying, while I stood waiting. They have known by now that I will not move on to other things except we tackle the issue at hand.
Finally she goes, looks for it and cleans up where they ate. 

When she returned, Samuel had spilled water. She volunteers to bring the mop. I was surprised.
Me: -The mop is outside, you want to still go outside. Are you no longer scared?
Tori: I’m no longer scared, I can go outside by myself.
I don’t know what happened, but I’m glad I held on, cos frankly I thought it will take more than going out twice to overcome the fear (at least it did for me as a child). Most importantly, the lesson for doing it afraid was a success last night. 
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