DIY… Doing it Yourself

My children were playing catch in the room with their teddy bear. While throwing the teddy bear it sailed right past their hands into the baby bed. It is high for them to get, the only way they could get it out was if they climbed or I helped.


Tori tried climbing but I sent her away from there. She tried sneaking there so she could climb again. I caught her and sent her away, thrice she went, and thrice I sent her back.


Finally, she abandoned the quest and looked for something else to play with. About an hour later, Nuggie came to meet me in the room.


“Mummy, please can you help me bring out the teddy from the baby bed?” She asked.


This time, I stood up and gave it to her. Tori had been trying to do it herself all day. She forgot that my long hands and legs were just available for her asking if only she will. But in a bid to do it herself, she forgot that part.


It reminded me of the scriptures that said not by power, not by might… my hustle and gragra can take me but not the whole way. The many times I had tried DIY, forgetting that my strength and vision is limited. Many times I could have simplified things by asking. Rather than struggle and struggle till like Tori I give up. Because I felt since I could not do it, it can’t be done, so God does not want me to have it.


Have you gotten use to DIY?


Do you think some things are too simple or complicated to ask for help?


What have you given up on because you felt there was no use since all efforts have failed?


Are you putting the people and things around you to good use?


How do you know those ideas, dreams and plans are not valid?


Has your strength being enough?


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