Different Shades Of Children And Parenting

In the journey of parenting, Just when I think I have gotten a hang of it, series of new phases come up.
The children are growing and they are beginning to think they are too smart for us. Nuggie came to meet me to help her tie her shoe lace. I told her to do it herself and she said: “if it were Daddy, he will tie it for me.
I looked up from what I was doing. “Who am I? I asked. “Mummy” she replied, Then why do you want me to behave like daddy? She picked up her shoes and left.
We were on our way back from school and they both wanted me to buy something for them and I said no. Tori said, “If it were Daddy he will buy it for me.” Am I Daddy? No, she replied. So? I asked.
“you will not act like Daddy. They both answered.
Why do you always say you are not daddy? They asked. Because Daddy will behave like daddy and mummy like mummy. And for the umpteenth time, I explain why you have to be yourself
They think they can emotionally blackmail me into doing what they want. Where do they ever come up with some of these things? I wonder
Since children learn by example, they can watch me remain stable at being me.
I felt guilty the first time I heard them say it. Am I being too rigid or unnecessarily strict but I saw through their scheme.
I discovered in parenting, our children can manipulate us into being less sure of ourselves as parents… if we are not careful. Who knew right? They are not even ten (10) yet.
This is going to be a pretty interesting ride. A stiff shot of patience mixed with wisdom and grace will be required daily.
I was thinking most of the things I taught Tori will rub off on Nuggie. But with her different temperament and disposition… a whole lot of different issues and scenarios are cropping up. and I found myself repeating the same things in different ways.
We are growing and the drama is increasing. We are trying as much as God is showing us the way.
Parenting, I hail thee!!!

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  • You have nailed it my dear. As parents, we also learn from our children as much as they learn from us. 😘 ♥

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