Cough and God’s Permission…

I was drinking cold water and Tori came to meet me for some. But I said, “No you are coughing. Go drink the one not from the freezer.” She left.
Nuggie was playing nearby, seemingly not listening. Few minutes later, she comes to me, coughs and cleared her throat. Then with a straight face says: “Ehen, Mummy, God said that is the last cough that will come out. So can I have the cold water?
I’m still undecided on my reaction to that…
PS: Can you see her shirt turned inside out? Whenever I try to correct her, she tells me, “I know, that is how I want it.” Trouser,skirt,shirt, even pants all turned inside out before she puts them on. #chroniclesofNuggie

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    zizywrites - November 6, 2018

    Smart girl!

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